Making time for Art & “Scape” Project

Having started university in September, to begin with, I found it difficult to maintain my Artistic hobbies while studying. In time, I began to essentially “force” myself to commit to whatever opportunities or projects I was presented with.

Our art society proposed their project on the theme of “Scapes” so here is a little peak at one of my entries.

The following photo was taken at the top of a multi-story car park in Exeter and I decided I wanted to do a detailed etching of this city scape.


I used an A4 sheet of acrylic that was about 2mm thick to etch on top of the original photo

IMG_2101 IMG_2418 IMG_2423

There were some slight issues with ink as the etching inks were not coming out very clearly so in the end I used a lino ink on top of the etching ink that was already on the acrylic and it seemed to work best.

IMG_1720 IMG_2468

Link to my Instagram where I regularly post artwork


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